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Welcome to the RAF Locking 98th Entry Apprentices Website

The young men who were about to become members of the 98th Entry of Royal Air Force Aircraft apprentices arrived with their long hair and some apprehension of their immediate future at No 1 Radio School, RAF Locking in Weston Super Mare at the beginning of May 1961. The 98th became the last entry to join D Squadron and wear the distinctive Brown hatband. The entries that enlisted at that time of the year were traditionally smaller than the Summer or Christmas entries. The 98th were no exception, initially  there were 71 members which included one member from the 96th entry. On graduation in March 1964 the number had fallen to 58 and another 3 had joined the 99th Entry. The first weeks were spent visiting the Station barber for a regulation short back and sides. These days it is more likely to be a trim and a polish for most of us. Several visits to stores to be measured for our uniforms and collect denims, boots, shoes, button stick and the rest of the necessary paraphernalia. Cpl Melville, our friendly DI, spent many hours shouting at the new recruits trying to teach them the basic drill movements including remembering the left foot from the right foot.

It is now over 48 years since we left RAF Locking and I am still  trying to trace everyone. I have positive contact information on those listed below. If you know the whereabouts of any other ex 98th please forward their contact details or ask them to contact me via the contact button on the Main menu.A list of those we are still seeking are shown at the bottom of this page under the heading "98th Entry Missing Members"

Those whose contact details I have are :- Frank Arnott, Nigel Bengree, Peter Boyd, Doug Buttery, Jimmy Campbell,  John Cornforth, Dave Croft, Vic Dorey, Ian Fergusson, Ken Foster, Rosie Gray, Jon Harvey, John James, Roger Jarvis , Graham Jukes, Bernard (Goldie) Heydorn, Percy Knott, Simon May, Steve Merriman, Nick Palmer, David Parker, Nigel Price , Mick Rafferty, Stewart Riddick, Graham Roberts ,Tony Russell, Bill De Ryck, Graham Sargeant, Dave Stares, Colin Thirlwall, Les Thorley, John Turpin, David Tripp, Tony Van Rassel , Syd Watson and Geoff Webber

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  • Yet another year has gone since the anniversary...
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    Yet another year has gone since the anniversary of the day we all signed on the dotted line and our lives changed direction.

    I wanted to posthumously record our thanks to Mick Rafferty who sadly passed away in September 2015 and who did so much to keep the web site up and running. I would also like to add our thanks to Mick’s son, Martin who supported his dad with much of the development and maintenance of the 98th web site.

    As each anniversary goes by I think how lucky I was to have had the opportunity to learn a trade, develop life skills and see some of the world with the RAF, before heading into the world of electronics and business.

    I wish to pass on my Regards to all the ex-members of the 98th Entry of Aircraft Apprentices at Royal Air Force Locking and wish them well for the future.

    Kindest Regards

    Dave Tripp


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  • 98th Locking Pass Out Parade Video
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    Video footage of the RAF Locking 98th Entry Pass Out Parade has now been added to the site.
    This can be accessed by either selecting Pass Out Video from the Main Menu or by Clicking Here.

    The video has two versions for High & Low speed Internet connections. The video's are in Windows Media Video format. If you have any differculties viewing them online they can be downloaded from newly added Downloads Section.

    Thank you to David Parker for providing the footage.

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  • 98th Entry Missing Members
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    We are still looking for the following members of the 98th Entry of RAF Locking apprentices.
    If you know where they are or have any information on them please e-mail me through the Contact Page on Main menu. Mick Rafferty.

    C B (Babs) Bailey – Brother has made contact, R K B Barnes, M(Dick)Barton, J F Benford,  J Druett, D Fenwick, S A Good , B P Hamilton-Wilks, P A Larner, M Levesley, D W Oxley, K D(Taff)Penny, N G Reed, L A Reilly, T J Roberts, G J Roberts, C N Rutter, D A Saul &, B K Underhill.

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